DME Services of North Florida
An aircraft mechanic testing and certification facility in Central Florida between Orlando and Tampa
In a WW II era hangar on the south side of Winter Haven Municipal Airport
3000 21st Street NW
Winter Haven, Florida 33881
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About Us

DME Services of North Florida offers the Oral and Practical testing and certification for the FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic ratings.

Located in the Winter Haven, Florida at Winter Haven Municipal Airport

Steve Alcorn, DME (Designated Mechanic Examiner), A&P Mechanic, IA, Pilot and Flight Instructor, conducts the tests and certifies new aircraft mechanics for their Airframe and Powerplant ratings.  Steve Alcorn is independent and not affiliated with any 147 school or college.

JoAnne Alcorn, Office Manager and Steve's wife.

DME Services of North Florida is an FAA authorized testing and certification facility in the Orlando FSDO area of responsibility. 

Business has been operating since early 2013.

Certificates about 75 Mechanics per year.

Clean, well ordered facility in a large hangar with air-conditioned testing areas.

DME Services of North Florida is a complete testing facility with multiple airplanes and helicopters available for testing and a well-equipped practical testing area.  All tools, parts, documentation, and supplies required to perform the practical test project is made available to the applicant.  The applicant is not required to bring tools in order to perform the test.

DME Services of North Florida has applicants from all over the USA and throughout the world. We welcome applicants who have foreign maintenance credentials and wish to test for their US Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic certification. 

Our applicants come with a variety of backgrounds; from colleges to those who have been working as mechanics for many years; from civil experience to military experience; with reciprocating engine to turbine experiences; and fixed wing to rotor experience. 

Applicants must have been authorized by an FAA Flight Standards Office (FSDO) and obtained 2 copies of the 8610-2 Form with the appropriate signatures by the FSDO representative and the applicant.  The applicant must have also passed the written exams, General, Airframe and Powerplant.  Details of the requirements are available at

Applicants are accepted who have failed their exams with another Designated Mechanic Examiner.  The FAA guidelines are followed:  the entire section that has been failed will be retested.

Testing for all 3 parts, General, Airframe and Powerplant, is scheduled for two (2) days.  If the applicant is only testing for the Airframe or Powerplant certificates, but not both, the test is scheduled for one day. 

Reservations for testing should be made several weeks in advance.  Weekends are available for testing.  For any reservation a deposit which is applied to the testing fee is required at the time the reservation is made. 

A&P Testing in Central Florida